Dorororororo #12 — Scapegoat

March 25th, 2019


Everything good that happens is because of me. Everything bad that happens is because of someone else.

Season preview is finished except for the sprite stuff, which as I understand it, is about 95% of what people pay attention to anyway. It should be up Wednesday. Bunny Black's writeup will come probably the week after. A little busy this week for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I'm in the process of relocation.


At least this arc seems over, but hell if I could tell you what it was even going for. I can think of a billion ways they could be showing that Hyakkimaru's personal quest to restore himself was taking things from the land or his family, and they're continuing to harp on "just trust me, it'll totally be really bad." After two episodes of mincing around, Tahomaru just up and spontaneously goes, "Yeah, it'll totally be really bad." If we're going back to him being an antagonist, couldn't we have had some parallelism between the two, even if it was a little Kingdom Heartsy? One got the heart, the other the body? As Hyakkimaru recovers pieces of himself, Taho loses more of himself? Not just gets a cool scar? Meanwhile, dear daddy watches mom stab herself… seemingly not even fatally… and reiterates that it was Hyakki who caused all the suffering. All I can think of is that internet meme of shoving a stick through a bike wheel and then blaming the injury on whatever random thing is.

The only particularly interesting part of the episode was that the kid of the arc's mom not actually being dead at all and just waiting literally three steps off screen, but that's mostly a lowlight in just how terrible the writing is. They also kicked the can about the true big bad down the hall another few yards. You see, the dude that's been completely full of crap the entire story? He's full of crap and there's some super demon up to something. Or perhaps it's a demon consortium, maybe lead by a demon alderman. They didn't get that in depth. Something's fishy about the story of a dude giving up half a baby in exchange for decades of prosperity. Great work, Sherlock.

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