Virgin Soul #13 — Handy

June 30th, 2017


There's a good chance this is the last week I cover this show.


Well, on one hand, once again, very, very little happened, and what did was stretched out to hell and back. At least a quarter of the episode was "Oh no! An ancient super weapon!" Both in person as it transformed into a hand to shoot a beam, and off in the angel castle where they just yelled at each other about how ancient super weapons are super and weapony. Counting last weeks five or so minutes of transformation, we're up to nearly ten goddamned minutes of it unearthing, turning into a hand, and shooting a beam. And then another couple minutes of fallout from that followed by Nina and the king staring at each other yet more. Then Nina transforms, wrestles one of those giant golems for about as long as it takes an ancient thingy to turn into a hand, and everybody leaves. There's close to three goddamned minutes at the end of Jeanne/Rita/Nina just sitting around, recapping the end after the credits. Actually, I'm not sure what the other hand was. Not completely phonining in the animation like they've done for most episodes?

Anyway, just like last week, certainly not on the same level of godawful as this show's been by and large, but we've only moved from glacial to plodding. By the time we reach episode 24, it may be even up to pokey. If you cover what the protagonists actually did during all this, it would be… wrestle a golem because a golem suddenly popped up out of nowhere, and leave. Kaisar goes right back to jail, Favaro is back in the wind to turn up wherever and whenever they feel like, maybe even in jail again! Oh, but I guess the king is blind in one eye now. A critically important sacrifice? 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    This “Hug me” was the killer here…

    This power shoot from the hand, deflected in the beginning, while El was smiling, was Okay. But then the shoot breaks trough was still okay, El overestimated his own power

    But “hug me”.. Nah this was Deus Ex Machina

  • arknoir says:

    cut this loose it’s terrible. If you’re gonna continue, just do a periodic review like once every 3 or four episodes of what has happened. You’ll type the same amount of words that you do for one review