I Missed the Memo

February 11th, 2016


It's honestly kind of a relief.

I missed the note, but the candy show thing is off this week and will be returning on the 18th, same bat time, same bat place. Had I been a little more on the ball, I might've prepared something. Unfortunately, all I have are screencaps from the Komugi episode where she fought Comiket by turning into Falcon Force Five and shooting herself down, and a riddle/mystery that's been bothering me for a long time now, which I posed to Clyde Mandelin, but he was unable to answer either.

I first encounted the phrase 夏塩蹴り in fighting game lingo, and it's been a personal thorn in my side to try to figure out the etymology. It means somersault kick, but literally, it's written as "summer salt kick", as in someone took "somersault", broke that up into "summer" and "salt", and then translated each of those individually. It's such a weird artifact of mistranslation that I can't help but wonder. Street Fighter 2 (Guile's [2]8) seems to be what gave it its rise to prominence, and it's come into common(ish) use for that kind of backflip kick all across the board. It's used in Baldr Sky too, if you need some manner of pornographic game reference. I can't really find any particular reason it ended up that way though. I have found a few traces that it may have been a pro wrestling move, always a big thing in Japan, where if you take the kana for it (サマーソルトキック), which is what Guile's move actually was called, and split it up into component parts instead of understanding that it's only two words, not three, you could end up with the wacky-ass kanji for "summer salt", but nothing directly in or with SF2 or any publication misusing it that suggests what first ignited it.

And now you know! Or don't know, as the case may be, and share my annoyance. Or not. Maybe someday, we can discuss the glorious disasterathon that is Japanese Shadowgate.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Well, since Dagashi is on hiatus this week, let’s see if I can write an episode.

    Kokonatsu sits in the candy shop doing nothing interesting or important, and then Hotaru comes in and screams his name, she glares around picks some random candy and starts babbling incessantly about how it was made, why it was made, and what it tastes like for 297 minutes, Kokonatsu or his friend who maybe was there, starts staring at her tits, as the show reminds us that they are huge.

    A held cell of Saya flashes on the screen for a quarter of a second, but just long enough for you to remember that she’s cross-eyed, before she’s not mentioned or seen again. And Kokonatsu’s father… what is he even doing anymore?

    • anise_punter says:

      The dad character made me laugh so obviously he needed to be written out of the show as soon as possible.

  • Fuwaa says:

    Maybe it was just a thing a famous (in japan?) fighting game player said that caught on? I know a lot of people who do weird stuff to Japanese words on a regular basis. There might be Japanese people who wonder why their comics are often called “mango”.

    So if you’re looking for the etymology, you might want to check out the earliest famous fighting game players, especially ones who used characters with Somersault Kicks.

  • n2o says:

    FYI the “summer” corruption already existed in English. Several dictionaries recognise it. (Actually it would be proper to say that “somer” is already a corruption of the original French.)

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Majikaru! Majikaru! Naasu~

    IIRC, old komugi was infatuated with Shiro.

  • kenuran says:

    I actually believe this should go into the Deep Thoughts section.