♫ Night is Day and Twilight’s Gone Away ♫

February 27th, 2019


I wish your swan song hadn't been a really weird RPG, AQLoop.

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Obligatory Semiannual Comiket Fish Abuse Post

August 12th, 2014

I’ve kind of fallen off the boat on the whole Comiket thing, probably in large part to the a couple years in the blog’s nascent area being concentrated on BMW and BBB, but also the rise of Steam and the indy games in the west as well. Edelweiss making this preview promos isn’t helping either. C’est la vie. Aquastyle is putting out their like… 14th iteration of their Touhou roguelike, and Area Zero’s on about the 9th iteration of Magical Touhou Sky Arena Battle or whatever they’re calling it, Werk continues to disappoint by doing nothing but an endless stream of IM@S porn, and the twitchy fish shooter is getting a sequel. The more things change…

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Lazy Winter Comiket Games Preview Post

December 21st, 2013

Remember when I wasn’t lazy and actually combed through the Comiket catalog? Pshaw. There’s another couple hundred lines of sexy time left for me to finish before it’s back to Photoshop to finish the interface. Thankfully once I finish the next one, there’s only about 15 lines per… uh… act of writhing flesh piles. Unfortunately, it’s across 12 females. And of course, be continually annoyed by writing styles, vocabulary, grammar, and presentation being totally putzed up in fandisks. Is it really so hard to glance back at your own stuff and make sure the interns you got to write your orgies are matching your style? Back to work.

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Comiket Game Non-Rundown

August 6th, 2013

Edelweiss continues to make this exercise of mine largely irrelevant.

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Edelweiss: Letting Me Be Lazy About Comiket Promos

December 22nd, 2012


Edelweiss again made a huge 50 minute collection of Comiket game promos/demo footage. Lefty is all, righty is just the original IP (IE, non-Touhou really). My vote for the most inane goes to AQLoop, who has coded up a poker game to I believe be distributed as a bonus with the OST for World of Twain. Good use of time, guys. "Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood" does make a strong case for itself though. Also, not-really related, but Corona’s fandisk looks just as unweildy as Corona’s trial was. I really should get around to running through that at some point.

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Assorted Random Comiket Game Promos

December 19th, 2012


I guess I should mention these even though I have nothing of note to say really.

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Semi-Random Assorted Collected C82 Ramblings

August 9th, 2012

Don’t look at me, it’s just another slow morning while shows are off.

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Oh Right, Comiket’s Coming Soon

August 2nd, 2012


Granted, I haven’t really gone deeply searching (yet), but it’s looking like a fairly underwhelming on as far as games go. Nothing’s really caught my eye and the ‘big’ groups aren’t really doing much more than at best, releasing more trials… or art books of old games. Exciting. I just want AQLoop to finish World of TWAIN already so they can go make something decent instead. Or that Werk would stop making Im@s porn and go back to games. I have no idea what Tasofro’s doing making some kind of fairly generic isometric puzzle… thing… either. And thus we filled the Thursday morning that the Olympics pre-empted all the shows for.

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Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower PV / ButtsuKyouko Web Trial

May 22nd, 2012


Oh right, I forgot that Reitaisai, the Touhou con, is coming up before Comiket. THAT’s why there’s all these Touhou doujin game trials and PVs popping up. This batch from the past week come from Gatling Cat releasing another one of their platformers in pretty much the exact same vein as just about everything else they make only possibly slightly more infuriating thanks to copious amounts of bottomless pits, an inability to shoot in more than one direction or 5 feet in front of you by default, and getting hit sending you 10 feet hurtling away with no invincibility letting enemies literally carry you along with them to chew away most of your lifebar in one go. The other’s a PV for a puzzle game from Desunoya which seems a lot more interesting, clever, and less frustrating in general.

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Touhou Sky Arena Kurenai OP/Demo

May 5th, 2012

Oh right, it’ll be Comiket season in a couple months. Time to start paying attention to doujin game sites again for anything that pops my interest. Apparently here, they announced a whole crapload of characters for the expansion when I wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, I’m mostly interested in the game for the OST at this point. I just wish Lion Heart would get around to putting up more info on Tempest of Heaven and Earth. Tasofro also completely redid their page with another Touhou theme replacing the Madoka/Grief Syndrome one, but has yet to actually announce anything. Who knows. Maybe Freudenstachel and Territoire will finally come out this year. Ha.

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