This World is Too Buggy #01 — Creative Interpretations of Dragons

July 5th, 2024


…You know a debugger doesn't mean someone who finds bugs, right? Right?


What a bizarre episode, and for so many reasons. The most egregious of which was the hard turn into existential terror that it took in the last couple minutes when it finally revealed its true premise of being a game tester trapped against his will while all his compatriots have gone insane, forced to helplessly watch NPCs be incinerated due to the will of an inescapable game script… which is instantly followed by a sugary, cheery ending tune of everybody prancing happily through the fields in the blissful joy of life. Pick a tone. I'm already ignoring that everybody seems to be half hobbit and that's screwing up the proportions of everything, and the horrifically terrible animation. Whichever of these cliches that have already been beaten to death you're doing, just stick to one of them.

And fire the entire production staff while you're at it. Okay, fine. The game is a buggy mess, so maybe the 'dragons' look like giant toads that vomit second smaller giant parasites are appropriate for that. But you then have about a five minute scene of one just sitting there while the dude patiently shoots one arrow at it, then drops an exploding barrel, over and over. There's even a timelapse after the peanut gallery declares that they should do something, whereupon he declares that it's getting closer and closer despite not moving at all, and there's no time to spare, right after everybody sat and watched this for hours. And that it's invincible, right before it smash cuts to it being dead. Did crazy people write and direct this? God, it's such a poorly constructed mess. I think ten year olds could do better.

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