Shy #14 — Ghosting

July 8th, 2024


Yes, yes. Very spooky.


The show's unfortunately not getting any better, with what really seems like a whole 'nother half an episode of pure filler. Or at least, this melodramatic eyepatch girl isn't important enough to show up in the OP or ED, and is largely just a joke. I also really have to ask if Japan actually has lightning, or if it's something that they've just read about. Thunder happens delayed from lightning. And if it's happening at literally the same time, right outside your window, with enough intensity to strobe the entire room, I promise you, the thunder will be deafening enough to violently rattle windows. Meanwhile, the rain is completely silent and for some reason, despite this being the middle of the day, everybody's sitting in the dark with the lights off. But what if she was a ghost? Oh, she's not. People were just confused. Very meaningful 12 minutes spent, guys.

The second half samurai girl felt largely the same to be honest, but she is featured in the OP… with copied footage from this episode. Random girl out of nowhere with excessively awkward accent that gave me a headache, but that could have also been the breathy and halty voice acting. They become friends and montage, and then, finally, after a bunch of padding, we end on the shocking reveal of a ninja attack, which was already shown in the OP a week ago. The pacing of this show continues to be an anchor around its neck. Please just get on with it. We're two episodes into the season and you've attempted absolutely zero actual heroics outside of the opening montage to remind us of the premise that we will seemingly not be engaging with at all.


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