Shy #13 — Sitting Patiently in a Denny’s

July 1st, 2024




You know what doesn't inspire a lot of confidence? A new OP consisting of 96% recycled clips. Then you get to the last five seconds and oh, right. There's supposed to be some new stuff here. Okay, a couple quick shots. Straight from that into recap. At least the in-episode explicit recap was relatively short. Not the more organic stuff though. The whole first half was spent checking in on all the random characters doing their 'heroic' things. Fighting crime, rescuing people from disasters, arguing with wild monkeys. One of these isn't like the others. The only interesting part here is that now there's an American dude, which almost feels like a bit of gaslighting to throw him in here out of nowhere.

The soft recap continues into the second half with the introduction of another new character. This time, a reporter who goes out to wander around, looking for something to report about. Which is definitely how reporting works. So she interviews Shy, which is mainly a vehicle to recap the one okay opening arc of the first season, but not helping the doldrums of filler and padding that the rest of the show quickly fell into. Then, just like the OP, we end with them seemingly remembering at the last minute that oops, maybe we should have something new, so here's the villains to say that they're totally plotting something. Will it be next episode? Or will it be three or four episodes from now while characters piffle about, wondering if maybe they should be doing something, or if they have the confidence to do something? My money is on the latter.

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