Love Can’t Be Divided Between Twins #01 — Addicted to Drama

July 10th, 2024


It's great that the dude hardly even realizes he's there.


At least it made me laugh. This wants to be so melodramatic, but of the three characters, the dude doesn't exist as an actual character, just some kind of clay block that says yes to anything asked of him, while both the girls are completely addicted to being melodramatic prats. Most of the time is spent on the short-haired one, but then we get to the twintailed one and she instantly starts referring herself to a tiger of knowledge among the lesser beings all around her, and she's just as bad.

It's more or less twenty straight minutes of listening to the two girls say over and over again "I wuv this dude so much, but I'm so insecure, and my sister is so much special-er than me." All while the dude stares blankly. In a way, it's odd that they gave him a face or voice at all without how completely unimportant he is to listening to two histrionic horny teenagers explain how they're really conflicted about how little is going on and how they're not going to be doing anything to change it. It's 2024. Give the threesome a chance, you pissy-ass drama queens. Lord knows the dude has as much to offer a conversation as a double ended dildo would anyway.

If you want a fun melodrama about banging twins, Futakoi Alternative is right there, and that protagonist actually deserves respect, what with brawling dogs, fighting giant squids, and a coming of age story about overcoming the pressures of adulthood, defeating gentrification, and accepting a polygamous relationship with two sixteen year olds. 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    Ugh… this is like if they took the Kyou OVA from Clannad and dragged it out to be to a whole series instead of one easily digested episode. Easy pass on this one.

    Actually, I think i will watch Futakoi Alternative. I’ve known about it forever and never watched it. Cant be any worse than this show.

  • Ark Noir says:

    This felt like the best of 12 episodes condensed into one recap. Liked it but felt like I dont need an episode two.

    The lord of the flies burn was tremendous shithousery for a child, so good I might use it when some kids start flexing with me.

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