From Nobody to Hero #01 — Spraying Your Goo All Over the Dungeon

July 6th, 2024


Holy christ, that OP suddenly yelling was painful.

This is a double episode premiere, but I'm less than eager to proceed to the next episode. I may glance at it, but unless it drastically changes, I think I'm done here.


Come on, anime. There are more than enough magical girlfriend shows out there to not do it this poorly and boringly. Maybe that's what happens when you de-fanservice the girl's design. T&A is somehow related to how much interest the staff have in making the rest of the show. …It's not the best theory, but it's the best I've got for what happened here. The alternative, and absolutely likely other possibility, is that it was always this boring and devoid of *waves hands* literally everything. Dude gets a slave goddess and it takes him multiple minutes of pondering to come up with the brilliant idea to use her as a slime detector and nothing else, while she chirps happily about how she's just happy to serve her master.

Was this twenty minutes actually well spent, Gekkou? What have you established about the character? The story? You showed some status screens. You narrated that this is a dungeon just like RPGs, and because it is just like RPGs, it has status screens, leveling up, named skills that have nonsensical arbitrary effects, so on and so forth. When you played Dragon Quest, did you mistake the tutorials for the story? I guess its greatest sin is just being incredibly boring and unambitious, despite its title claiming to be a heroic epic tale. There's far worse that cheat power shows about boring dudes in RPGs with slave wives have done. I would say far better too, but for the life of me, I'm not sure I can think of any. 

I did glance through the second episode. It starts with a long advertisement of the dungeon as an amusement park attraction, then redoes the first episode, but with mostly goblins instead of slimes and becoming a millionaire overnight which nobody's suspicious of, until he finds a SECOND magic slime, which drops a second super magic slave wife card that turns into a giant succubus, which is where it ends. So, no, the pacing does not improve in the slightest. Just half-assing the harem stuff AND the cheat power stuff.


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