Dungeon People #01 — Just Like My RPGs!

July 5th, 2024


It definitely isn't Dungeon Keeper.


Deadpan is better than the alternative of screamed overreactions, but the humor here is excedingly lacking. It spends so goddamned much of its time reciting inane RPG cliches for no real reason. Even actual dungeon management sims don't spend this much time listing out all the weird tropes. They just run with it, because they're games, and a fair amount of gamification is expected. But here, the first third of the episode is frittered away informing the audience that monsters are in dungeons, that every floor of a dungeon has a boss monster, that boss monsters are the strongest monster on the floor but may be weaker than on subsequent floors, that monsters turn into magical gizmos when killed, etc. That last part is especially weird since there's a whole fireworks routine involved with it too. You'd think that'd impact stealth or combat a little bit.

But that eventually brings us to the extremely lackluster humor. The minotaur or the girl will say something about how the dungeon is gamified, and the thief girl will stare and make a face. Sometimes she'll comment that it sounds dumb or nonsensical too, mostly she'll say "Uh." As if all the other things she just spent the last ten minutes reciting aren't equally at fault. It also wants to pretend like this girl (both girls, really) is some kind of badass… by her announcing that she just effortlessly solo'd the boss of a floor that literally nobody has ever reached. But now is struggling against the boss which has the power of immunity to all attacks. The takeaway is that very little effort went into any part of this; script or direction, although the animation is weirdly kind of average compared to some 'action' shows these days.

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