Debuff Cheat Power Etc #01 — The Bullys of Bullyville

July 4th, 2024


At least the status screen was only shown a couple times.


I honestly prefer the post-modern "I can't believe I have cheat powers!" to this drek. Pure power fantasy garbage with comically grotesque villains that justify acting out grotesque fantasies of revenge. I guess at least this was all cackling lunatics, beating children and attacking girls for… reading books… instead of the also unfortunately common slave/rape messiah complexes. We've got to save something for episode two after all, which the naked elf at the end of the episode certainly promises is merely yet to come, not a cliche it's going to be avoiding. Everybody is either a cackling sadistic monster, or the token damsel in distress. There are I think six separate distinct speeches about how he's the loserish loser to ever lose. 

I've long since run out of anything creative to say about this flavor of garbage. It knows one little fact about RPGs, debuffs in the 8-16 bit era RPGs were often useless. And so its entire premise is explaining that this is an RPG where that's true, but actually, his debuff is a cheat power! And so all those ugly-ass CGI monsters will rue the day, before he goes out to enact his vengeance upon everybody else, eventually. Please stop making this exact goddamned show, over and over again, anime industry. Take your pitches from some actual writers, not jackasses writing revenge porn fantasies on social media.


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