Dahlia the Magic Craftsman #01 — Flame Thrower

July 6th, 2024


So anybody with like 15 minutes can turn a stove into a flamethrower in this world?

Another day of six shows, one with a double length premiere, and I'm operating off minimal sleep in a disgusting heat wave (these two things are very related, because it's 6am and I'm already sticky), so if I disappear for an extended period before finishing this marathon, it's because the napping has happened.


Profoundly boring episode. It's like someone saw that lesbian show about the princess who thumbed her nose at the aristocracy and wore beheaded wolves as hats, and decided to strip out every single fun thing about its first episode. Even the accidental invention of a flame thrower happens slightly off-screen and is thwarted by a little squirt gun. And then they montage and suddenly everything is perfect and great again years later. This is in service of the invention of a hair dryer, mind you. These people have the power of demigods at their fingertips, and apparently any flashlight can be turned into an IED by a child, and the most that is going on with it is the invention of water pistols and stovetops.

Let's at least go Discworld with this premise. Invent the telegram/clacks or printing press or whathaveyou. Just adapt any and all of Moist's misadventures. But no. Having a plot would be waaaaaay too much story progress and drama for this episode. I gather from having glanced at the source that the next episode is where the title actually kicks in, as it does the standard villainess reincarnation stuff of her family falling to ruin, fiance abandoning her, etc, before she declares she'll be her own new person, but it spending a whole episode mired in setting up the cliched setup, we're not just (ironically) not making anything new, we're doing it laboriously slowly.


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