Doomsday Train #11 — Deus Ex Zombies

June 10th, 2024


The plot is not so complex that it needed to be explained seven times this episode alone.


I really wish I didn't want to strangle every single character for their stupidity. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't also then point out how stupid they're being. We have to turn off the 7G. Wait. It's really that easy? Yes. That's why we never thought of doing it, because it'd be too easy to just press a button. Press a button? Yes. It is so easy that you just need to press the button turning it off. Thanks, guys. This has been a goddamned enthralling conversation. Which was preceeded by them recognizing that Yoka had amnesia, then changing their mind and deciding it must actually be a temper tantrum, and followed by the announcement of their resolution to try extra hard.

Then the zombie horde shows up again, and it's time for part 3 of zombie schtick. Not just that, but zombies have a special spider sense for finding the magic button. Because of course they do. We also need to recap that the big baddie is evil, and then re-recap that we all need to try. At this point, there are only five minutes left in the episode because the last ten minutes were spent on recap and exposition about how obvious everything has been, and yet, upon finding the button, which has not been hidden in any way, but slapped in the middle of a giant open courtyard, they have to re-announce one more time that this is the button that they need to press and what pressing the button would do. If you guessed that at this point, they'd karate fight the totally-not some transmogrified animal, then great. My bet was on re-re-re-re-explaining everything one more time, but I guess we have to save something for the finale.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ark Noir says:

    Hey Aroduc. You’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, so have you played Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark? How good of a love letter is it to FFT in your opinion?

    • Aroduc says:

      I didn’t play it. It didn’t look all that interesting and there’s a certain level of low quality indie jank that immediately turns me off these days.

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