Doomsday Train #09 — Recap

May 27th, 2024




It's rarely a sign that an episode has been worthwhile when it ends by repeating the same revelation as the previous episode. Nothing quite says that a story has not advanced in any way whatsoever by sheer repetition. Nor explanation of the world's most obvious things. That dude and map from way back in like episode 2? I just took it as completely obvious that everybody understood that it was a vague chart of each corruption or whatever you want to call it, but apparently not, because we needed to spend about five minutes returning to it and explaining that the mushroom picture meant the mushroom city, and the zombie picture meant zombie city, and see how they're in the line of the train tracks? That means that's the path that the train will travel through them. Yes, a quarter of the damn episode was spent on that, with another couple minutes on "we must stop this or there will be consequences." Above and beyond the shattering of the fabric of reality? Well, gee. I guess now we're motivated.

The first half was mainly concerned with checking up on the girl they're trying to meet up with though, and I think they split the difference with her a little too much. She would've worked better either having some idea what was going on but remaking the world as she wanted, or being completely ignorant of all of it, whether by being manipulated or in some kind of apocalypse daze or childlike regression. Instead, they try to do both; having her narrate how she's making everything 'better', but also clearly can't think straight, and is also going around exploding anybody who dares defy her. Even just removing the casual murder of dissidents would probably help her come off as more innocent and less sadistic. We all know it's going to end with friendship power and a hug anyway. Giving her a personal bodycount is not going to help.

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