Doomsday Train #08 — Not Safe for YouTube

May 20th, 2024


Weird gore stuff like this and Kampfer is a piece of Japanese culture I just don't get.


Uhhhhhh… huh. I'm not entirely sure where to even start with this episode. Did they hand off the script to a bunch of 12 year olds along with 10 pounds of sugar and let nature take its course? And then tell them that they got bonus points if they could get the episode banned from YouTube? I started out wondering why they weren't just parodying Disney since Mickey's now in public domain, but then we had the girl wearing a giant noose as an accessory, with the bad guys literally lynching her as the protagonists accidentally killed all the remaining star bits of the heroes. To say nothing of the cow shooting acid milk out of its spinning udders, which, small blessing, was not used at any point to simulate seminal fluids. Congratulations for showing more restraing than most anime in at least some ways.

It was a weird episode, to say the least, which I guess is what it was going for. Granted, most of it was spent just narrating the complete nonsense that was going on, but at least it was instantly… jarringly… leaping from one point to the next, which did keep it feeling out of control and completely nonsensical, though I do get the feeling that this was envisioned as at least a couple episodes. What it had to do with the start and end, I have no idea. They passed through one place that made them itchy, and another that gave them instant randomized PTSD, and then never spoke of either ever again. And then the girl they're looking for is announced to be the big bad as the evil cat beams up in his Dr Robotnik UFO and pisses off. 

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    At least the suicidal girl got her wish. Yeah, this episode felt like it was on 2x speed.

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