Doomsday Train #07 — Zombie Face

May 13th, 2024


I'm not sure that I had shilling for the Sega Saturn on my bingo card.


Where in the apocalypse would you even find a Saturn these days, and why are you playing it in the middle of an empty field? Although that is kind of indicative of the major weirdness of the core joke of this episode, yelling vaguely sexual things at zombies to make them explode from the sheer over stimulation of it. Perhaps as a child of American culture, I am totally inured to it, what with the Baby Got Backs, Strokin', I Want Your Sex, WAP, and god only knows what else, but come on. Even Angel of the Morning is more sexually charged than a bunch of teenage girls screaming "A dude's hard thingie!" There are playground rhymes more clever than the joke that this decided to run into the absolute ground. I can't even give it credit for not going for the far simpler and lower hanging panty shots since it did that too.

But also, aside from the comedy, the dramatic side of them having a fight and then getting together was just… nothing. They met back up and everybody just… decided to forget about it. Okay, good that we're not being all melodramatic, angsty, holding grudges, whatever, but what was the point at all of throwing a huge tantrum and then spontaneously dropping it again for no actual reason? How about some catharsis somewhere? Somebody grows as a person, or gains some insight into someone else? Nothing? Just the joke about girls being embarrassed to yell "throbbing"? My dudes. I'd introduce you to the Penis game, played in schools around the nation, but I think that'd blow your minds. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    “I can’t leave the zombies because the zombies will mold, so I’d rather stay here with the zombies who if they discover I’m human will kill me or something instead of going with you other humans.”

    All told, she’ll probably get as much intelligent conversation from the zombies.

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