Doomsday Train #06 — Return of the Living Dead

May 6th, 2024


We really have run out of ideas.


Back to a very disjointed episode. The dog's sick. No, wait. Long flashback about yelling at the missing girl that she's nothing special and should give up on all her dreams. No, wait, zombies. Yes, zombies, again. As if the nihilistic mushroom zombie cult wasn't zombie enough, it's now time to do literal zombies, but not until about 16 minutes into the episode, at which point we're going to mainly cut back to the non-zombie group to explain to them that there are zombies in the area. Enthralling way to end the episode.

I guess the dramatic conversation is supposed to be the centerpiece of the episode, but it's such a dumb and contrived conversation, especially between two teenagers, and especially since the whole thing is about how she "went away." You're still kids. Either she moved and it wasn't her call, or she just happened to be out of town when the apocalypse struck. Yes, obviously she just wanted her fweeeend to not leave for the big city and stay with her, but, again, teenagers. It's fundamentally bizarre to have any of them arguing that they need to be staying at home, taking care of the farm, and raising 3.5 children for the good of society.


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