The New Gate #01 — Screening Status

April 13th, 2024


God, I love looking at gauges and navigating menus.


Second to last show of the season, but last of the goddamned reincarnation in RPG world things. Dude beats the last boss, wakes up in fantasy world with all his cheat powers intact, proceeds to spend next 16 minutes standing at counters and sitting at tables. Now that's exciting fantasy. But don't worry, he also immediately finds a cursed elf who decided to wear nothing but nipple covers above the waist, and three ribbons below. She's cursed and only he can free her. So it's off to the city to visit another waitress with a similar approach to nipple coverage. Are women legally mandated in this world to have detatched sleeves?

But if scantily dressed serving girls isn't what you consider the draw of Narnia cheat genre, don't worry, because for the other four or so minutes, there's action. By which I mean horribly animated one or two slashes and then we look at the status screen to see the bars go down or up. What an enthralling set of visual cliches this trope has inflicted upon the fantasy genre. I don't know where this falls in comparison to all the others of its ilk, and I don't want to devote the braincells to pondering it. There is nothing of interest here.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I read some of it back in the day. It is one of the top 5 slowest isekai I have ever seen and I don’t mean farm life type slow, it just takes forever for anything to happen.

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