Salad Bowl #04 — Bully Lawyers

April 25th, 2024


Is this really a field of law?


As poor as the first two thirds of this episode was, I think it's really the end the drove the nail in the coffin home. It's Halloween! So are we doing a Halloween bit? Some Halloween jokes? No. A quick dressup montage, and then it's time for a alternate-world history lesson about Nobunaga. Because when I think of Halloween, the thing that comes to mind is definitely Nobunaga fanfiction. But that shouldn't take away from the first half, which was another bullying thing. They defeated it by… recording the bullying, and then saying that they'll sue the girl. Uh, that's… at least an approach that I've not seen in any anime to date.

Nor was Wind Breaker any better. It continued its blue balling of the last few episodes by having a rival show up to declare that they were totally going to be having a tournament… eventually. Maybe next week, maybe we need to have a training arc first. Who knows? Who cares. Maybe I'll just try to dredge up some horrible fighting harem school shows that I gave the pass on the first time around. Didn't Asterisk somehow go for multiple seasons? And Date a Live is astonishingly in like season 5? God, it just feels like trying to think of ways to inflict brain poison instead of succumbing to a numbing mindless death.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    As far as anime that you dropped are concerned, I always figured the ones you might enjoy the most would be Star Driver and Space Dandy. Energetic, well-animated, in the former case a youth adventure with characters who actively want to be part of their show and in the latter case essentially an anthology project of the industry‘s biggest talents so episodes highly vary.

    Not sure if you‘ve ever watched the Netflix-released stuff that‘s uncoverable due to a lack of a weekly release schedule but I wondered how you‘d like Devilman Crybaby. Probably outside of your preferred interests but at least it has things happening from start to finish and the presentation is kinda there.

    Undead Girl Murder Farce I felt you were wrong on with it being mostly mystery, they ditched the heavy focus on that angle right after you dropped it.

    Maybe I‘m falling out of the time with everything being the same. Granted, that‘s always been an issue but the more experimental works are mostly gone and the more competently told generic stories have also taken a hit. When a fourth of a season is sequels and remakes and another half is technically new series but so bent on copying, it‘s essentially just spiritual remakes and sequels again.

    Maybe I should rewatch Shigofumi. It‘s a sad thought when you only find the new in the previously seen.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’ve definitely been very wrong in my initial impressions about some stuff that I came back to later and enjoyed. The one that always comes to mind is Bento, which I was correct in that it was astoundingly dumb, but I feel like perhaps I appreciate that, or at least am inured to it more, and the actual choreography in it was great, not unlike how Keijo ended up.

      I’m still noodling on things as this Jellyfish show continues to devolve into more wannabe idol stuff and loses what little possible promise I had for it.

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