Re:Monster #01 — Obtrusive Pop Ups

April 1st, 2024



I had this as April 4th, because that's what the official site shows, but I guess we've got early airings again on certain streaming sites. Oops. That's yet another goddamned Monday cheat power RPG world show then.


The popups about things like… picking up items were bad enough, but then it turns out you can tap your head and view your internal status screen. And it never stops. He eats some random snake and an entire goddamned credits list of skills beams its way into his head. And then again for a bat. It almost makes you forget that he was doing kung-fu about a day after being reincarnated. Goblin kung fu. What is the world coming to. Though these goblins have also mastered the art of tailoring and door construction/maintenance despite not being able to make a hammer. Goblin technology sure makes a lot of sense.

The actual production may have been the most insulting thing so far since the writing is just generically bad at this point compared to every other one of these stupid godawful shows and I honestly can't say that it's unusually worse than most, but maybe that just speaks to how low an opinion I have of them at this point. And yes, that "so far" qualification is important, because while it shows off the naked humans kept around for raping, they gloss past that and only get back to how much violent sex will be presumably had at the very end again. The only thing it really felt like animating was meat being ripped off bones. The actual hunting and fighting? Little more than stills and speedlines. I can't say it was embarrassingly bad, not with that show I just watched providing the baseline for that, but it was quite close. 

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  • Ark noir says:

    The goblin bird is gonna get it. Run girl cos goblin Cain or Abel see those gobicurves. Plus that goblin elder knows those two are cheating. Looking at them like” you leveled up that quick?” With a discerning gobieye.

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