Noble With Appraisal Skill #01 — Screening by Status

April 7th, 2024


Oh yeah, baby. Look at those stats.


Unless I'm forgetting something, this is the final new tiresome cheat power nonsense of the season. This time it's the nation building variety, but the kid can see all power levels. Not just that, but everybody's power level is absolute. Daddy has the highest sword power level, so everybody else is worse at swordsmanship than him. Style, tactics, strength, agility, nothing matters but your sword power level. It's so lazy and reductive. You weren't born with a high power level? Well, you're never going to be good at your passion. Screw off and let those with manifest destiny like the protagonist do it.

I think the dumbest part may have been it trying to do the whole bit where only the protagonist isn't racist. Except that they did that for the dude's intro, and then every single person in the manor was completely fine with it, which resulted in them all having to loudly declare his race at every opportunity… and being all for it. At least pick a lane. Well, nobody's a slave, and basically no girls allowed so far, so it's steering clear from the most absolutely repulsive traits that plague the cheat power RPG land subgenre, but that's about it.


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