Mysterious Disappearances #03 — Cow Spit

April 24th, 2024




I'm ready to call it quits on this one too. The awful mysteries are bad, but that's par for the course for anime. Not the awful fanservice either, because pinning down a woman to crawl and sniff all over her is definitely needed, to say nothing of the multiple clothes explosion scenes. Far too much time is spent on explaining the mechanics and the trivialities of the exact mechanics while the actual investigation and pursuit of the true culprit or source of the issues is completely skipped over. There's no actual mystery here, despite the title repeating the word multiple times. How about some swerves, at least? A little misdirection? More than one possible suspect? Anything at all? And no, declaring that you thought it was one magical thing, but it was actually a very slightly different magical thing that is no way actually different… after it's all wrapped up… is not that.

But the real sin of the episode was everything about the culprit of the fortnight. To start, it once again massively overdoes the bullying to an absurd degree. Yeah, kids are stupid and mean, but an entire classroom of them chanting "Ha ha! Dead family! You have a dead family, you dead family haver!" While the teacher screams at the grandmother about how her class is perfect angels? Come on. Even worse may be the resolution. Nothing about how she's mistakenly torturing children for light teasing. No repentance whatsoever on her part. Hell, they give a whole speech about how she's actually a good person despite her just attempting to murder multiple people for trying to stop her from torturing kids. Yeah, true goodness of the heart is measured on whether the attempted murder succeeds or not. Leave any lasting trauma inflicted on children out of it.

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