Mysteries, Maidens, Etc #02 — 21 Jump Street

April 17th, 2024


Why did we infiltrate the school just to hide until after school again?


I wasn't hugely impressed with the script in the first episode, but eesh. This episode. Dress up in this school uniform. Now, let me explain why you should dress up in this uniform. You must never use this power. It is a curse that kills you. Okay, with that talk out of the way, let's use that power, for fanservice. We need to infiltrate the school by doing a 21 Jump Street. Now that you're in, hide until after school. There's nothing unusual about our school at all. Oh, except for the inexplicable plague that randomly strikes. Right, the plague. And also how there's no bullying whatsoever here. Yep. Those are the two things unique about our school. The plague and no bullying. Gee, do you think there might be a connection? Well, we'll have to explore that next week. Not the audience. That gets explicitly revealed. Just these genius level characters.

Given the alternatives, this is about as good as it gets, but man, what are you going for here? And I'm pretty sure at least four or five steps in this process were out of order or totally unnecessary. Even anodyne stuff like xxxHolic was faster paced and had more of a toe dipped into the supernatural, noodle people aside. It seemed content to spend at least half the episode squealing about how genre aware it was about the whole shoujo girls school thing, but that's not a joke. Announcing cliches and that you are doing them is not humor, Japan. Knock it off, already. 


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