Monster #8 — #01 — Cheering For Disaster

April 13th, 2024


And yelling. A whole lot of yelling.


There's something deeply weird about a giant monster overrunning the city, killing at least dozens, more likely thousands, leveling all of downtown, and crowds turning out to cheer on the government because there's an attractive girl. "Hot damn! A terrorist attack. That means I'll get to see that dreamy Brian Williams on screen! Squeee!" But there's also the main dude, who it keeps assuring us is totally 30 years old while acting like a particularly excitable 6 year old. Or perhaps a terrier. There is no reaction but overreaction. There's no joke but yelling. No emotion except "loud." Okay, so there's a couple fart jokes too. But it goes out on a double "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" so that's the taste it leaves in my mouth.

The story isn't much better either. He wanted to do his best, but was told he couldn't do his best, so here comes the new kid saying that he's going to do his best, thus inspiring the first dude to try to do his best again. It's at least quite animated, but both things end with a gunshot from offscreen that explodes the entire monster, so not exactly selling that there's an elite fighting force that requires super duper specialness to be a part of as much as "one of them has a gun." And I guess a tiger. Which just makes its attempt at the dude being part of the unsung 'realistic' cleanup crew all the more out of place amidst the cheering for death and destruction.

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