Jellyfish Don’t Swim in the Night #03 — Peacocking

April 20th, 2024


You'd think one of these shows about using the internet would have people who used the internet.


I guess it's at least trying, but I'm not sure it's getting across the actual messages that it wants, which is kind of ironic when the whole setup is putting on a play that is literally the exact situation they're going through, and the only parts of the play that they're going to talk about or explain is that 10 second speech saying "this is literally the exact situation we're going through." I understand the banal, yay friendship, thing they were going for, but she was totally okay, thrilled even, with people calling her weird and stupid, but not when they were polite and just ignored her screaming in their faces and trying to wave her dick around. So it really comes off more that she's depressed that she can't be the center of attention, and look at that, here come her friends to make her the center of attention again, which fixes everything. Let's not mention the casual throwing away of hundreds of dollars into gacha games just sort of being shrugged off either. 

This is on top of the whole VTuber thing. You'd think they'd look at, you know, some actual VTubers for reference. That's even before getting into her being a genius at animating, remixing, streaming, god only knows what else. And all this to produce… a really half-assed generic music video, which, okay, is the most realistic thing associated with VTubers. Yeah, you're so quirky with your zany background and totally bonkers lore, only to produce and stream the same things as every other one out there in the same way with the same overdesigned costumes. But aren't we supposed to be quirky manic pixie girls with classical music and acoustic backgrounds? Why are celebrating churning out the most generic piece of JPop imaginable? We're so unique and not like society. Our greatest dream is to… be completely boringly generic. What exactly are you going for here?

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