Jellyfish Don’t Swim in the Night #02 — Idols Solve Everything

April 13th, 2024


I can say that at least I definitely didn't need another twenty minutes of hyperactive yelling.


Though the characters aren't really endearing themselves to me all that much either. Nor was the whole bit where the random idol gave her a life lesson and healed her soul in a quick 90 second conversation. …So she decided to eat her and steal her identity. Okay, maybe not part of that, but it certainly would've spiced up the episode. She just colored her hair to be more like her perfect idol, while the manic pixie girl also became superimposed with the ghost of her idol past, because she too is cheering her on. The eyes, they roll.

Essentially, it was an over-excited fan, followed by about 10 minutes of "You don't know the REAL me!" "Nuh uh, YOU don't know the real ME!" Which is then resolved by mainly a flashback to a completely different person, so they hug. Not really feeling like the protagonists here actually did much of anything aside from I guess repeatedly accidentally stealing her personal belongings and then showing up again without punching her in the face. Which I'll assume this takes place in the same setting as that fighting show, so that counts as true personal growth and depth. Or something.


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