Doomsday Train #05 — Wrath of Galzilla

April 29th, 2024


Things would be different under the threat of godzilla peeing on everything.


The thought occured to me that I'm totally unfamiliar with any recent kaiju stuff really, so I couldn't tell at all if the whole stomping about bit was a reference to any more recent flavors of that. I'm pretty certain it's not though, and why wouldn't you go for the iconic 50s cinematography in the first place? Granted, it's probably not taken as corny in the Japanese zeitgeist, and I feel like King Kong has the more recognizable scenes, but if you're going to do that bit, why not go for the thing that people recognize instead of just crashing around? And why not go whole hog with the nerdy idiot otaku wanting to play with his toys? Why doesn't he have a whole nonfunctional toy robot too? They could've put a lot more effort into the whole schtick there.

Well, they could've with 'fixing' Akira too, but I think at this point, not putting a whole lot of thought into anything is the standard for this show. It's a psychosomatic issue, so she needed the part of her that was pulled out to be shoved back in, so they force fed her a book. Literally. If you're going to do wibbly wobbly metaphysical stuff, doesn't it seem like friendship would be the real magic here? Or maybe I was just exhausted of all the tanned girl's rage tantrums being the correct answer to everything for an entire episode straight. A little emotion instead of screaming could've rounded things out better than ending on more teenager petulance.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    Jujutsu girl = godzilla
    Tanned girl = godzuki

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