Synduality Noir #21 — Lowest Budget Idol Scene Possible

March 4th, 2024


Even the mouth animations were jank.


And so we enter the third straight week of mourning Ciel. I know the intention is meant to be carrying on her legacy and dream or whatever, but to me, the random plaintive little girl who's supposed to show how much Ciel meant or whatever just highlighted how completely replaceable idols are to the fandoms. The total lack of budget for Noir's singing probably didn't help that much either. Even for a cheaped out idol scene, it was lazy, like it was thrown together at the last second because some producer decided they wanted this voice actress to also cover it, and somehow, in 2024, we have CDs to sell. 

So everybody in the entire city drops everything they're doing to go listen to a cover. You know, as people do. Yet another idol-fellating episode. It's not like there's some secret nazi society within spitting range harboring plans for world domination that we need to be worrying about or anything. This little girl with flowers needs to have her feelings about idols appreciated. That was Ciel's true wish after all, and we've only had three goddamned straight episode clutching our chest about our feelings for her. The real cream on the top of this sundae would be if they just bring her right back at the end of the show through further robot magic, and I would not be shocked at all to see it.

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