Slave of the Elite #11 — Gun Head

March 14th, 2024


Pretty sure the recoil there would give you all the concussions.


Why do I feel like they were missing an extra 20 or so seconds in the runtime, and instead of just having an extra commercial or something, they decided instead to have multiple ridiculous quick montage reactions? The direction in this show has never been great, but those couple moments were certainly… notable, let's say. I guess at least the fights continue, though none of them resolved all that interestingly. A fastball special into internal bursting, guns for hair, and… uh… just kind of deciding to end the fight, but half-assing it. The creativity and effort definitely dropped throughout the episode. The Tenka/Sister fight was already bad enough with the dumb ricocheting around stuff (though I don't know if it tops "guns for a wig"), and then she just goes "Aha, but now I know your moves… SOMEHOW… and explodes her, but holds back so she explodes."

And so we move right on to the true antagonists for the final episode, except not really, because we're stuck fighting the corrupted midboss of the antiheroes first, and then maybe we can move on to the midboss of the actual antagonists. Which makes the big cliffhanger declaration of battle being joined more than a little silly. Obviously they're not defeating squat introduced here at the last second and it's going to end with either an announcement of a second season next week or just "go read the manga if you want any resolution whatsoever." Which I'd be more annoyed with, but I've already looked ahead to next season and… boy howdy, are the cheat power RPGs not going anywhere in suffocating force, so I'll hold my tongue out of respect for this somehow still being preferable to the alternative. 

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  • Ark noir says:

    The Jujutsu kaisen level of delusional flashbacks were the best part of the episode. bomber head has my praise for shooting in every direction and missing her time stop/start/rewind sister. Best head isn’t guano though.its the MC’s sister. It’s like saturn with that ring around it.

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