Metallic Rouge #11 — A Very Gradual Infiltration

March 20th, 2024


Quick, stall until the last episode.


The talking heads will continue to talk. The protagonists? They kick a couple of the robots that are non-sentient and we don't care about. That's… kind of it for the episode, not counting the horrific running animation. So much for that weird spike in facial animations last week. We're definitely back to bare bones for the budget. Even when Rouge kicked the bots, frames were dropping all over, and that was about a 1.5 second sequence. I don't even know what was happening at the end. That was truly godawful. We also continue to wait for the clown people to predictibly backstab everybody. Which is going to be quite a twist coming from a character named THE PUPPETMASTER. Who's busy doing goofy stage magic, so we keep waiting for the most obvious shoe in the world to drop.

Which I will say is somehow probably better than the dumb punchies that Eden is having with the one handsy dude for no reason except to be grumpy. Remember all that ado we made about his core being taken? Well, dude just hands it right back to him so it's a fair fight. We spent probably ten minutes wringing our hands and then it simply gets undone and "oh, that was actually nothing, all good, bro." Come on. Who even cares about this fight? It may legitimately happen entirely off-screen for all either of these two characters matter. And no, I haven't forgotten that we're still fighting to put down a slave rebellion because we need to be considerate to the brutal oppressive murderous regime either.  


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