Metallic Rouge #09 — Perfectly Symmetrical Violence

March 6th, 2024


Oh, right. The space mermaids. Obviously.


I have definitely lost all understanding of whatever the hell is going on with the story in this show. Or maybe I haven't which would be worse. Which is kind of ironic considering that this was like the third or fourth straight plot dump episode, and the animators are definitely getting bored, judging by that 30 second span where they decided to go absolutely ham on over-animating the facial expressions. We've gone from some kind of battle royal meets Bladerunner to the space mermaid illuminati controlling galactic civilization through racist slavery in order to fight a proxy war against some other kind of alien race as the 'good' guys, while the slave robots and their French mime clowns formenting an uprising are the antagonists, but there's also some random anarchist serial killer running around, ditched on a tropical island with one of his old friends.

We're also up to like four different flavors of slave robots. Naomi, the original mermaid-made alien android in thrall to the aliens and there to secretly keep the slave society in check, Rouge, one of the original special human-made androids with total free will who are mostly rebelling or murder-crazed, the regular neans, who are straight up slaves to everybody, and the mindless killbots. Whatever message there was about the rights of sentient beings is getting a bit diluted and distracted as we fly off to another planet entirely for the last few episodes of this season to rendezvous with the French clowns for the true uprising. Uh, right.


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