High Card #24 — The Royals

March 25th, 2024


And everything worked out forever.


It's pretty funny to have a very rushed not-ending juxtaposing constant shots of protests against the current regime with the current regime cementing its rule and rightfulness via magical nonsense. Their stupidity has unleashed multiple mass terrorist attacks, including one on-going, and you have two princes in a literal knife fight, not to mention just fended off a military coup from your police, but sure. You keep declaring that nobody truly cares about the country but you. After all, Not-Ganon was defeated once in this twenty to thirty year iteration. That wraps up everything. EVERYTHING.

At least Love-P's fight was a bit animated, but everybody else was pretty half-assed. Finn and Chris probably got off the worst, but that's because one was trying to be matched with an antagonist who was hardly ever developed and just a groaning golem, while the other was sidelined for about nine episodes straight. So both of them yelling about their feelings wasn't hitting any emotional chords. Hell, the big moment had Finn yelling that their job is to stop bad guys. Except, no. You also hunt down good guys too. And then we go right back to the status quo. Uh, mission accomplished? But was it really? The first season wasn't great, but it had its character moments. This one went all in on the setting and antagonists and was a complete mess for it because both were half-baked and awful.


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