High Card #21 — Happy Coming Day

March 4th, 2024


Ah yes, Coming Day. 


Watching this show definitely feels like I'm being gaslit. Three minutes in, one of them declares "Well, that takes care of everything, so let's go home." I'm sorry. You're escaped prisoners in a secret police compound, while the police are in the middle of a coup. And because you subdued the dude who popped up to imprison Ganon, that takes care of that? What on earth are you talking about? So then… they do go home, and the plot dumping continues, now with Finn telling everybody that he spoke to god and they need to go fight Ganon. And they all go "Well, you're an idiot, therefore it must be true." 

Even all that pales a bit to the final minute or so, when the jaded cop is knifed in an alley he randomly wandered into for no real reason. Really making it easy for the royal assassins who I guess didn't forget about the attempted coup. And right as Team Protagonist wants to leave, that one wacky one-off college friend of the jackass boss kicks in the door to say hi, which is supposed to be a cliffhanger for them? Wasn't he a complete joke? Is he… not now? Are we supposed to be caring about the two old dudes again? Sure seems like they've just been sitting in some rubble making eyes at each other for a couple months now. They don't exactly seem too relevant.


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