Bang Bravern #12 — Laster-est Final-most Boss

March 28th, 2024


Nice job surrendering, Isami.


Isami losing all hope would maybe have more impact if that wasn't how he's reacted to all adversity in this show. But then it turns out that Smith-vern was actually fine, he gets some hair growth for character development, and then the truest finalest mostest last boss steps out of orbit. Which, again, might have more of an impact if we hadn't gone to this well literally eight minutes prior for the previous not-quite-lastest boss. Everybody also got their gold forms too. And started turning into swords. Yes, Superbia's true form is a feather sword thingy with an attack name that could pass as a cheat power light novel title in length.

And then it too has an even more final form, but first it needs to give an entire evil speech, which is quite the thing to be pulling for a heretofore unseen antagonist in the final five minutes of a show. Granted, Smith-sami-vern kept interrupting it with pointless attacks and poses, which was kind of amusing, but then it turns out that its true weakness is… conventional weaponry? I mean, even before he absorbed everybody's 'courage' to turn into a third new form, it was being thwarted by random missiles, and ultimately defeated by being thrown around like a sack of rice. 

Well, the show was certainly something, even up to the end. Fun to write about and attempt to summarize at the very least, even if Isami himself was a damp towel of a protagonist. Give him an actual arc and lasting growth or development, and things would've been a lot better. Lord knows if a medium sized Godzilla wandered out at the end of even the final episode, he'd probably be cowering under his bed by four minutes into next week. Still, I'll take a hundred of these over another cheat power show, and there's only a goddamned dozen of those next season.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sp33 says:

    Massive points for squeezing what was very very clearly supposed to be 50 episodes of plot into a 12 episode series. Definitely made it interesting, even if loosing those pesky filler episodes meant I had no idea who two-thirds of the people were that showed up at the end.

  • residentgrigo says:

    The show has heart and an identity but can´t say I can recommend it in the end. Even a single episode more could have clearned up the plot.

    The insano pacing reminds me of Zetman. 20 volumes were pushed through 13 eps there, which is why I watched it a decade later, and not the needed 50-52 eps and the team even had to make up and ending from what had to be a rough outline as the manga still had 4 to 5 volumes to go by the time it aired.

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