Bang Bravern #10 — Robot Marriage

March 14th, 2024


The conservatives won't be happy about this one.


Perhaps an evergreen statement for this show, but this episode was weird. Not just the flashforward into flashback where all the heroes died I guess right after this but Lulu invents time travel to go back and save them, but the whole… uh… marriage scene? With everything you'd expect from a wedding of a 15 year old to a giant robot she keeps referring to as an old man; vomiting, blushing robots, and a technicolor magical girl transformation sequence. It sounds like a mad lib, or maybe an anime bingo card. I'm not even sure who they're going off to fight. Isn't there only like one evil invader left? In space? Who wants to be exploded?

I dunno. It was unhinged, and I appreciate that just for being weird enough to keep me on my toes, but if this was supposed to be an episode showing Lulu's development or something, it was lacking that. She was gung-ho from the start about being on the frontline of every fight. It feels like it would've worked a lot better had she been the one to teach Isami/Bravern to not have as much of a suicidal messiah complex and this is about everybody, or Superbia… I don't know, to stop feeling sorry for himself and believe in something. Which I suppose the former is probably not the spirit of the show, but they're undercutting their own message about fighting together when they're also ditching all their comrades who are themselves yelling "Yo, we should fight together too."

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