Bang Bravern #09 — Hookups With Strange Giant Robots

March 7th, 2024


No, but really. Why did that one mech orgasm?


Exactly what everybody's been predicting since around episode 2 is finally revealed. Smith went to robot purgatory with the the weird lady robot that was hitting on him, gave her an orgasm by fusing with her, but all his thoughts were on his boyfriend, so instead he got sent through time and space to become Bravern. Which just raises a bunch of questions about him proceeding to ignore the various things that would happen next. You'd think he'd have wanted to prevent the waterboarding, or at the very least would understand how to talk to military people instead of screaming at them like an over-excited child. It feels like this would've worked a lot better if Smith had somehow been arrested at a child mindset or something. 

But we're not here to examine the story. We're here to sell toys. And so he unlocks a new jet that can be not only a separate toy, but also a new form. Which is also a little weird since we're still a couple episodes from the end, and the antagonists have yet to put up anything more than token resistance to literally anything they've thrown at him. So a new form that's flat out completely invincible is probably overkill, even before it proceeds to insta-kill both antagonist robots at once. I guess Lulu's going to hook up for a one-night stand with the sulking robot and that's going to be the final boss? Or the one suicidal dude chilling in space? It feels like we accidentally ended the show without having a final boss and a couple episodes left.


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