Synduality Noir #20 — Idiots of the Past

February 26th, 2024


What I'm getting here is that they're all imbeciles.


Flashback exposition week apparently continues. This time from the crazy old lady instead of a demigod, but no less of a jackass. In trying to hack into the magical satellite in the sky, they accidentally downloaded a person into Mystere, and instead of telling her, lied about it, and then when she got shot, decided to stash her under a rock and set fire to everything. Yeah, that sounds cool and totally normal. And Noir just forgot all of that, because… Well, crap. I guess magical android stuff. 

So that entire 'mystery' solved, we return to the island of jerks to get Macht/Tokio's flashback. All that really showed was that they all had the same personalities then as they do now. The evil one was still a psychopath, Tokio was a goody-goody anarchist, and Macht was a brooding brainless imbecile. Macht especially did himself no favors whatsoever. I'm sorry, dude, you were part and parcel of a plot to torture and permanently imprison a dude, and you're resentful that this plan to get him on your side didn't work out and it's his fault, but you feel guilty, so let's throw in with the psychopath Hitler-wannabe who is leading a murderous revolution to seize power under the promise that if you conquer the world, your little friend will have to come back. After all, one side wants to not live under a fascist megalomaniac, and the other side has a plan. He has a plan, Tokio. How are you making me miss the times of the Team Rocket pair, show? What has happened to the scripts this season?  


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