Synduality Noir #19 — Staring at Girls in Comas

February 19th, 2024


What an enthralling twenty minutes that was.


Bleh. Both my girlfriends are in a coma, but maybe we can just plug them into the deus ex machina machine and wait patiently for this to fix itself, being really sad in the interim. And 20 minutes later, it fixed itself. Ciel lived on in the Matrix or whatever, but only this Ciel, and not any of the other flavors of her that have been deleted over the years, and gave her body to Noir, which is apparently something that they can do. And then the episode ends with the dead old Ainu lady beaming a message out of Mystere's throat.

…Yeah, sure. Okay. That makes as much sense as anything else that happen in the last couple minutes. A whole episode spent being weepy over the two of them being in some kind of hand-wavey magical robot comas, just sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. What heroes. At least show some emotion, frustration, anything. This is like three episodes in a row I've suffered through over the past couple days of being weepy over unconscious girls, all the effort from the dudes being to clutch their chest and soak in the sad music, and only High Card has the excuse of magical brain worms.  


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