Synduality Noir #17 — Society of Masked Idiots

February 5th, 2024


Antagonists this season are having some issues.


I had to look up these idiots because I have zero memory of them whatsoever. Turns out they're the protagonists from the actual game, and were bit players way back in episode 9 where they did a similar thing of plugging Noir into a gizmo for no real reason and to learn nothing. And just like this episode, they then vanished from existence. Such important characters. No wonder I didn't recognize them. It doesn't even compare favorably to all the antagonist blather. I swear, virtually every line in this episode was a veiled reference to unspoken things. OooooOOOOooohhhhhhh.

One of the few decent parts of the episode were, as usual, Tokio and Mouton being sarcastic trolls. A rare instance in anime where self-referential satire was used actually effectively for humor. What do you mean, I look ridiculous? I'm a very serious masked dude in our very serious masked dude secret Illuminati society. At least Ciel finally tasered Kanata and we can move on from that too after, what? Five or six times where she wussed out on going through with it? These antagonists still suck though. At least the swarm of monsters and Team Rocket duo didn't chew up hours worth of scenery and still never get to the point. It's a couple dudes in a large shed declaring that they're the secret puppet masters of humanity, which they're accomplishing by… oops. Forgot to have them actually really do anything except stalk one random insecure teenager. Well, mission accomplished, I guess. And it only took 17 episodes.

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