Slave of the Elite #09 — Captive Sixty-Nine

February 29th, 2024


Flashback week continues.


At least the flashbacks here were brief instead of consuming half the episode, but were still completely unnecessary. Wouldn't want to get in the way of the sixty-nine licking scene, after all. The whole antagonist faction wasted no time this episode in going straight to bad harem shenanigans. First the 'healing' sixty-nine, then a mushroom out of nowhere made him all gropey. That said, unless the rescue squad shows up immediately, they did declare at the end of the episode that the antagonist team backstory is coming, which means flashback time next week. Oh boy. And yet still won't answer the question of why they don't just… not be murderous when they can glare meaningfully instead.

Mostly, this continues to drive home what a total non-entity Yuuki is, incapable of exerting any kind of agency no matter the situation. He's just a prop to be carted around and sexed upon for the audience's self-gratification. Like when he asks why they're all murdery and they glare in response. Good question, kiddo. And then because we need to drag things out, we take a glare as an acceptable answer and change the topic to something more anodyne and less tedious. Way to avoid conflict and progressing anything whatsoever. If he could just vibrate, he'd be all any of these girls ever needs in a sexual aid.  


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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    My favourite moment was when MC was felling up some monster meat buns up and the monster bint who thinks she’s a (only fans) model was doing a three frame action with her hands on fast loop when the sister came in. She was mouthing something to MC as well that matched up with the frames. I’m a lip reader so I’ve translated it for you.

    1st frame – WA
    2nd frame – NK
    3rd frame – ER

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