Slave of the Elite #07 — House Swap

February 15th, 2024


That was an anticlimactic end to the fight.


It felt like I missed something entirely, or one of the ones lurking in the background was going to surprise stab somebody out of nowhere, but nope. Just declares portal power is black hole power and blip, entire fight is over and everybody goes home to spend the rest of the episode doing its bad fanservice schtick. I still can't help but think of stuff like Duel Savior and Material Brave, which I obviously have some experience with, and how half-assed this is. Not just on the fanservice level since it clearly will not go so far as actual sex, but on the character side too. Nothing's really changed for any of them since the first episode in these dumb scenes. Maybe it is because there's no sex. No cathartic orgasms or what-have-you. Just the opening blue balling.

Anyway, apparently the above not actually having developed the characters of the first harem yet, the idiot protagonist is getting shipped over to the second harem. Not a surprise given how prominent they are in the ED especially, but we're over halfway through this season at this point, and any actual story, even just a smaller one, has still not gotten going at all, and I doubt switching up the cast is what's going to change that. I expect it's just an excuse to do the same thing but with slightly different archetypes. I guess they're buckling down for the long haul, which is admirable optimism, what with the antagonists themselves declaring that jack squat's going to be happening and they have no current plans but to sit and wait. Or just not caring and going to end with "read the trashy manga."  

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  • Ark noir says:

    My girl tenka be in ‘play misty for me’ mode whilst MC is sleeping. To be honest she the prime reason for reading the manga. She has more personality than the rest put together.

    Problem with the manga is the story is simplistic and revolves more around reward of the week than the overarching issues. I admit there future characters who perk my interest due to what they do, but the wash rinse repeat nature of the each chapters/episode does being it down

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