Slave of the Elite #05 — Kissing With All the Teeth

February 1st, 2024


That seems awkward and painful.


That was a particularly weird kissing scene. I'm not sure that I've seen one before with so much focus on the… teeth. Drool, sure. Tongues, obviously. A hickey? Classic… outside of anime at least. But flat out gnawing on lips? That's a new one to me. Maybe I'm just not exposed to enough weird erotica. Aaaanywho, I'm not going to complain too much about how dumb these powers and the whole fight was since the spectre of always just going to power levels like all those dumb RPG world things still hands heavy in my thoughts, but it still wasn't great. And not made any better by taking a couple minutes after the fight was over to point out just some of the plot holes.

I hate these kinds of fights from the start, both for being a half-assed tournament and for the powers being especially nonsensical. Okay, you know they move at super speed, but that doesn't mean you do or you can react to it. It's such a dumb/bad cliche, that I wish only popped up in Japanese media, but stuff like the Clock King becoming a master martial artist because he knows Batman throws a jab at .5 seconds is right there too. And like the above post-mortem review of things that the writing could have done better, constantly screaming out how their powers work, that they have to take a pose in particular… give me a break. But at least there wasn't a status screen and it ended with sort of ingenuity, even if it took twice as long as it needed to. But to make that really be impressive, you need to stack more than just one minor surprise. And be way the hell better animated.


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