Metallic Rouge #08 — Flashback Week Continues

February 28th, 2024


I am so past ready for lore dump February to be over, in all the shows.


At least this one spiralled off into nonsense after spending only half the episode infodumping. Ten minutes to explain that they need to collect the nine android-balls to summon Shenron free all androids, except that big brother here is a big fan of incremental change, and letting them stay enslaved and murdered in the streets because freedom would be too much. And you have the cops sitting in the background going "He makes a good point." Then the technicolor Rouge shows up and demands punchies, before wandering straight off again.

You'd think that'd be the part I'm referring to as going into nonsense, but you'd be wrong. The photographer lady and Random Dude pick this moment to kick off a robot uprising. No, not with the existing androids, but with some other flavor of more mindless killbots, I guess. Right, there exists a heretofore unseen second flavor of killer robot slaves. Oh, and the cop robot gets shot by a bunch of racists who just roll up to declare that they're here to shoot all non-humans out of general racism. But please, Jean. Tell me more about how a violent uprising would be bad for the oppressed people. Oh, and the whole array of named super powered androids all gather for a brawl… next week. With the power of grabby hands. I have no idea what we're even doing here.


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