Metallic Rouge #07 — The Secret Lives of Background Characters

February 21st, 2024


Every one-off character with 30 seconds of screentime, now back to announce that they're actually important before leaving again.


What a boring episode of blathering about geo-political politics from a bunch of random old dudes that some how spiralled into utter nonsense, though I guess that last part isn't unusual for this show. Or I guess since it's interplanetary, spatial-political politics? Who gives a rat's ass about the terraforming situation on Venus? Anyway, remember that photographer from the second episode? I didn't, really. I had to go back and look up who the hell she was. She breaks Rouge out, is secretly one of the special androids too, with a death-to-all-humans philosophy. Then another one shows up, that one orange haired dude/chick from last week with a split personality, so they shack up with the cops. Why is this entire episode focused on these random characters who had about 30 seconds each screen time across the last six episodes, just to have them announce their identities and motivations before vanishing into the ether again?

If you're wondering where the part is where a protagonist does anything besides stare blankly like a frog in headlights, it doesn't exist. Hell, even the cops just sit there and listen to the orange dude(ette) argue mostly with themselves for like four minutes straight, and then just let them wander off. But I guess Rouge told them the compelling story of "I didn't do it," and they're all just like "Well, obviously it was that shapeshifter then." Let me get this straight. You just helped two terrorists escape from a government facility under a hail of bullets for no real reason, suspecting one of murder while her jailbreaker was screaming "Death to all humans," and you're all in on the android rebellion now? I'm sorry, but what?


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