High Card #20 — History Lesson

February 26th, 2024


Oh good. We're a crappy knockoff Legend of Zelda now.


Oh boy. An entire episode of flashback and exposition. I would say that the only satisfying part was Finn listening to this idiot demigod's entire story and then immediately shooting him in the head, but A.) The jackasss is immortal and wants to die, and B.) He can only be killed by shooting him in the chest egg or whatever the hell that thing is supposed to be. Maybe it would have been a trace better if the whole story wasn't so stupid. He invented a bunch of magical cards to fight off an invasion, one of the dudes he gave a card to got delusions of grandeur and tried to coup, and now every card has the souls of the original users, so the coup guy is basically Ganondorf, constantly reviving to try to mindlessly overthrow the kingdom. Nobody else's souls are important enough to do much of anything. He wants to die because now he thinks the cards actually suck, and killing them will turn them off.

This has literally nothing to do with the dudes who were the actual antagonists for the majority of this series, and explains nothing whatsoever about this random guy who's th current vessel. I still have no idea who that's supposed to be, or if he even has a name. Hell, that one hallucination guy shows up and immediately gets his hand chopped off. Then that rookie cop shows up and is also now apparently infected with cardlust, so runs off with a bunch of them. This show was never great, but the characters were sometimes fun, and the episodic stories were fine. Throwing that all in the bin to have a whole season focusing on the lore has been a baffling move.


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