High Card #19 — We Do a Little Coup Now and Then

February 19th, 2024


Oh, so now the cops are also trying to overthrow the monarchy? …Okay.


All of a sudden, offscreen, the entire police force has decided to throw a coup, imprison the royal secret police in their own secret compound and declare themselves the new secret police by blackmailing the government. That random idiot rookie is in charge of all of it. So goes the first half of the episode. Then we go to the second half which is entirely focused on that one lady we saw for I think 10 seconds at the end of an episode a few weeks back as she sacrifices himself for the dude who was with her, who turns out to be the knight, who Chris shows up to run over. In the middle of the secret base. Before some other random dude freezes time.

Oooookay, I have definitely 100% completely lost track of every thread of the plot here, and I'm nearly certain that the writers have too. What are the police even doing here? How did they go from 1-2 rogues to the entire squad in a secret bunker plotting to overthrow the government overnight? And they're not at all concerns about the mafia family? Where did that one Spanish Flash go? Can we return to him and just let him take care of this entire mess? How did Chris get a car into the middle of a bunker exactly? What is anybody here even doing or trying to accomplish? It is definitely full on mess.

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