High Card #18 — Girls Night Out

February 12th, 2024


I like how some powers are sticky hands, and others are INSTANT DEATH TOUCH.


Finally we get the learn to accept or work with the other self episode for the split personality girl, but it wasn't much of anything. They pick up a girl with the death touch power who killed her abusive father with it and is now scared of herself. Yes, my power is also cursed. It's extremely on the nose and pretty superficial about how it helps Wendy/Love-Peace. She sees them struggling, so she… stops struggling, I guess? Because they made a pinky promise. And as usual, some antagonist appears out of nowhere and gets dispatched just as quickly. There goes the obligatory shadow power X-man for the franchise. 

Not much else happens otherwise. The 'main' characters don't even appear this week at all, which considering one has been confined to the hospital the entire season, is getting kind of pathetic. The two cops both pop up in nonsensical scenes. The grizzled old dude arrests some random power-haver who's coughing up blood in front of Ominous Secret Door, and the rookie shows up to wave a gun around at the end. That's supposed to be the plot advancing? Are we holding out for season 3 to deal with the Knight dude and the like? I don't know that I have it in me. This season is already becoming a bit of a struggle.

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