High Card #17 — Rich People Problems

February 5th, 2024


Oh boy. This jerk.


Welp, it's an episode focused on the rich dude, and it doesn't develop or redeem him in any way at all, and definitely doesn't advance the story at all. Rich brat is generically sort of sullen over daddy and haunted by nightmares of him, befriends poor kid at Rich Kid U, montage, oops, it was the doctor causing the nightmares all along. Granted, that would have been my second guess as to the culprit, at least right up to the paranoid accusation scene, given that he was only the second character in the show to exist in more than one scene, but there wasn't any investigation or even interesting nightmares. Just walking in snow and yelling about daaaddddddyyyy. 

I think the crowning idiotic moment of the episode was the denouement from the antagonist explaining his nonsensical power of being able to kill anybody he hangs around for 13 days. You know what would work better here? A gun. Or a knight. Hell, a large stick would have done the job better. Or maybe it was the post-credits sequence. I legitimately have no idea who those two people are. Am I supposed to know? They're part of the baddie faction, I guess? Though I thought the evil knight was some other faction, and they're poisoning each other/themselves, or using their powers gives nosebleeds and knocks them out? Should I care? I probably don't, since we can't even focus on the actual protagonists this season for some reason.

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