Bang Bravern #08 — Revenge of the Robot Theater Club

February 29th, 2024


Oh thank god. No flashbacks for once.


Why do I get the feeling that this is going on the same vector as the slave show, with the protagonist kidnapped to be fawned over by the antagonists for an episode or two. I mean, oh no. The heroic protagonist was vaporized out of nowhere in a magical explosion by a big horny lady robot that spent the entire episode hitting on him. The big robot lady with the magical teleportation powers. He's definitely dead for good. What a horrible and shocking tragedy of tragic proportions. Truly shocking. And in an episode titled "See You Later, Smith" too. 

It also feels like we jumped a few levels in the goofiness with the magical portal powers, similar to Metallic Rouge going just from robots with super speed/power and pulling axes out of their asses to straight up magic ice conjuration. The other two antagonist robots introduced here were slightly more grounded. The effeminate dude one just shot lots of lasers, while the emo one, uh… had hallucination gas or something? His main contribution was being a weird theater kid over in the corner while everybody else was doing their thing, so I'm not even sure why he showed up at all. 

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  • Jackparrow? says:

    Are you watching Ninja Kamui?

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