Bang Bravern #07 — Rudely Interrupted

February 22nd, 2024


Is that dude going to try to waterboard literally everything?


I have to agree with Superbia. At some point, being constantly shot at and bombarded gets irritating. But that was also the main gag of the episode that got old after the seventh time they returned to that well. First for Superbia, then over and over again for the replacement antagonist, who kept getting sliced in half in his introduction speech, managing to punch exactly once as an excuse for Bravern to bring out his new toy before blasting off again. All it really did was drive home how much of a silly game it is to both him and Bravern while Superbia seems out here trying to be from a marginally more serious slapstick magical alien wife mecha show.

The second half was a lot less eventful. Superbia gets waterboarded, as apparently all new characters in this show do for some reason, and it's really weird that they keep trying to make a joke out of horrific torture, and everybody fiddles around with new toys to play with. Smith gets gooped in an attempt to be Lulu since this Lulu is now 'wrong,' and a promotion. You'd think there'd be more liberating of Japan since that's what they were there for and the reason for fighting, but nah. Gotta stare off into the distance and declare that a storm's a'brewing, as if they weren't already in the middle of an alien invasion apocalypse.

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